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Home to 2009 Spur Award Finalist and Marilyn Brown Novel Award winner Paul Colt. Paul is a member of the Western Writers of America and a featured author on Western e-Books.  

Paul creates historical fiction that crackles with authenticity. His political insight, military training, research and genuine horse sense bring history to life. His characters walk off the page into the reader's imagination in a style that fuses Jeff Shaara's historical dramatizations with Robert B. Parker's character driven action.

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Wanted: Sam Bass 

Wanted: Sam Bass introduces a new western series from Paul Colt. Fans of nineteenth century American history know about the Pinkerton Detective Agency. Most don't know that Pinkerton had a competitor. The colorful characters of Colonel David J. Crook's Great Western
Detective League go toe to toe with Pinkerton agents competing for rewards and recoveries in high profile cases, starting with the notorious highwayman and train robber Sam Bass.

Sam Bass launched his outlaw career in 1877 with high stakes stage and train robberies. Wells Fargo and Union Pacific want Bass and his gang. Crafty bounty hunter Briscoe Cane takes the case for the League. Pinkerton assigns Beau Longstreet. While Cane dogs the gang's trail, Longstreet entertains ladies with information on Bass. With a hefty stack of reward money at stake, Cane and Longstreet match wits to bring down Bass in a winner take all race to a bloody showdown in a dusty Texas town.

"Wanted Sam Bass is crisply told, with workmanlike attention to minor characters and flashes of humor." Booklist