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A Question of Bounty:The Shadow of Doubt

ISBN 978-1-4328-2857-8 

Historians agree. Sheriff Pat Garrett killed Billy the Kid, July
14,1881. Still questions remain. Witnesses suggest Garrett killed the wrong man and covered it up. Is Garrett's claim proven beyond the shadow of doubt; or is it a hastily conceived cover up? 

"Done with authority. I bought it as history."

Spur Award winning author Dusty Richards 

"You wouldn't think anything was left to say about
Billy the Kid, but Colt turns in a methodical, at times brilliant, account of William Bonney set after the Lincoln County War. Colt bases his alternative views on Garrett's account and a book by his deputy, John Poe. Devotees of the never-quite-resolved story will be much intrigued." Booklist 

 Boots & Saddles: A Call to Glory

ISBN 13: 978-1-4328-2803-5

A turning point saved George Patton's military career. At thirty two, Patton is a West Point graduate 2nd Lieutenant, mired in a dead end career. He is a cavalry officer and saber master, a nineteenth century warrior, facing the realities of twentieth century warfare and an army that has no place for him. Prospects for the glorious military career he desires seem lost, until the United States cavalry is called to one last fight.

Publisher's Weekly says:
"...Colt's sweeping and historically vivid portrayal of the Punitive Expedition, American and Mexican relations, and German double-dealing really makes this novel an exciting success."

Kirk Ellis, Emmy and Spur Award winning writer/producer:

"Paul Colt understands that the secret to good historical fiction is a firm grounding in the facts and a lively sense of character and period. In his capable hands, the story of young, ambitious George S. Patton and his early exploits in war and love makes for a rollicking adventure tale."


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Western Writers of America 2009 Spur Award Finalist:

Grasshoppers in Summer

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On December 21st 1866 Red Cloud and a band of Oglala Lakota and Cheyenne warriors defeated a U.S. Army force led by Captain William J. Fetterman. The Fetterman defeat ended Red Cloud's war for control of the Bozeman Trail with the signing of the Fort Laramie Treaty in 1868. President Ulysses S. Grant came to office the following year on a reform platform that included Indian peace policy. Grasshoppers in Summer tells the epic story of the making and breaking of the Fort Laramie Treaty through the eyes of opposing political, military and tribal leaders. Relentless fraud, corruption, cultural and political pressures frustrated Grant's effort to reform Indian policy. A conspiracy of military, railroad and mining interests destroyed the Fort Laramie Treaty, leading to the drum beat of war. The plains tribe's last great victory at Greasy Grass would win the bitter spoils of total defeat.

Case File: Union Pacific

President Ulysses S. Grant dispatches Justice Department Special Services Officer, U.S. Marshal J.R. Chance to investigate suspected railroad construction fraud. Chance confronts a ruthless conspiracy that will stop at nothing in its quest to monopolize Union Pacific construction contracts and the lucrative right of way land grants that go with them. Fast paced action sweeps the young marshal, and the Cheyenne woman who saves his life, across the Wyoming basin on a trail that ultimately leads to the financial center of the plot in New York.

Case File: Black Friday

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Midas Compact conspirators spin a web of murder and deceit to corner the gold market in 1869. U.S. Marshal J.R. Chance and Mourning Dove pick up the trail of the Credit Mobilier mastermind and uncover the plot. Fast paced action races from San Francisco to the Colorado gold fields before the trail ends on Wall Street in the financial firestorm known as Black Friday.

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Case File: Union Pacific

Case File: Black Friday

Case File: Desperado Trail